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President’s Report

June 16th, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

It has been a year of transition and growth as I continue on in the role of PEICA President. The executive is at full complement for the first time in many years and, as the old adage says, “Many hands make light work.” Thank you to Peter Mutch for the use of the Catholic Family Service Bureau tonight and to Vice President Jane Munn for your energy and effort in pulling this AGM and light luncheon together. The is no sweeter question than, “What else can I do? ” Thank you so very much Jane!!

With respect to work, regulation of the counselling profession is one of the Association’s main goals. Professional regulation is the cornerstone of our profession’s future. We are getting closer to this realization. Thank you to Peter Mutch for your ongoing efforts in this area as well as a special thank you to Geoffrey Connolly who is so generous with his time and patience when it comes to the legal piece. What is very clear is the 2006 Position Paper Pursuit of Regulation needs to be reworked to fit the Chapter R-10.1 Regulated Health Professions Act General Regulations~ Additional Criteria for designation of health professionals. It is my hope that we can form a subcommittee of 3 people tonight to get this done and presented by the end of June.

The executive has met twice this past year to not only to work on the regulation piece which is cornerstone to our profession but also to continue the importance of public relations and creative ways to build our membership base. To that end, we are delighted with the PEICA website, led by Susan Doiron PR Chair. We thank Susan for her work during her time in this role and wish her much success as she steps down. Jane Munn has taken over the responsibility of website master but we are currently looking for a PR chair.

In keeping with public relations, the executive is pursuing FACEBOOK and Twitter to increase our visibility as well as create a topical venue to share professional information and create a sense of inclusion.

Specific to building membership, the Executive is reaching out to practicum students, and some of them are here tonight. Welcome! Others, unable to attend, emailed their appreciation of being invited to the AGM as well as their interest in getting involved. Secondly, we have formalized a grant process and application for PEICA members, excluding members of the School chapter. Up until now, there was nothing for counsellors outside of the school system, so this is designed to meet their needs, to create an incentive to membership, recognizing that school counsellors have their own grant process as well as access to funding through their base schools and the PEITF.

As I fully immerse myself in this role, I am humbled and thankful as I go through the dusty boxes of documented work done by some of alumni with us tonight. Their presence is a testament to their dedication and commitment that has been consistent throughout the years. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the work their work in the area of regulation. You are the embodiment of our website hashtag: Energy, Heart, Dedication.

In closing, on behalf of the PEICA executive, I would like to formally recognize and thank Anne Peters as she retires from a long career as a School Counsellor. We wish you a most healthy and enjoyable retirement. We would like to thank Susan Doiron for her work as PR chair and wish her much success as she steps down. Krista Newman, Chair of the School Counsellor’s Chapter, congratulations on baby number 2! You have left an indelible mark in your role as chair. Welcome aboard Amy McFeely as you take the reins from Krista. A huge thank you goes out to Deborah Wood Salter for her work over the years with the TRI PD. You will be missed!

Kim Bailey
President, PEICA