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President’s Message to PEICA Members

November 24th, 2018

Dear PEICA Members,

I hope you are enjoying this colder weather, and looking forward to some upcoming restful holidays in the season ahead. It was wonderful to see those of you who could attend our fall social. A highlight of my fall was attending the wonderful conference organized by our TRI-PD committee, featuring Dr. André P. Grace from the University of Alberta. I am grateful to have attended this informative and moving conference on sexual and gender minorities. It was also a highlight of my fall to attend the PEITF Teacher Convention, where our School Counsellors' Association featured documentaries on mental health disorders and marijuana, and had a great booth with numerous high quality professional resources as prizes.

During the next two years, the PEICA hopes to complete the regulation process with the provincial government of PEI. I encourage all eligible counsellors to maintain a current membership with the PEICA, and to encourage new members to join. With increased recognition of the counselling profession, opportunities for expansion of counselling services are likely. When we are united as a professional membership, we can offer even more support to each other in this time of growth. Visit for membership registration.

The next business meeting of the PEICA is in December, 2018. Details will be emailed to members. Our next Annual General Meeting is in June, 2019.

Thank you for being a member of the PEICA.

Bethany Toombs, M.Ed. C.C.C.
President, PEICA