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Name: Sheila Doyle-Hogan

Years of Counselling Experience: 27 years

Current Position:  School Counsellor at East Wiltshire School

Volunteer Involvement:  Past PD involvement with National Counselling Conference, Soccer coach, presently coaching  Cross Country Running , and Yoga Club instructor.

Background: My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Education from UPEI, Bachelor of Social Work from McGill, and a Masters of Social Work from Carleton University. I worked at Child and Family Services upon finishing my Masters.  Later I was hired by Eastern School District as School Counsellor at Gulf Shore and Englewood.  While at Gulf Shore I also did some teaching (grade 2). In 1999, I transferred to East Wiltshire School.

Specialization: Individual, Family and Group Counselling.  I also spend a lot of time organizing school wide prevention, and programs (peer helping, mentoring, Free the Children campaigns).

Future Plans: Continue professional and personal development in the area of Mindfulness.

No. 1 Bucket List: Finish the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Booking you are reading: Run Benny, Run (by Gary Chisholm), and many websites, and articles on mindfulness. Also, love my Saturday Globe and Mail !

What you enjoy most about Counselling: Helping students move forward emotionally, group counselling (art therapy),  and connecting with as many students possible through prevention , and after school programs. I also love getting into classrooms to do mindfulness and seeing the positive results from the practice.

Something interesting about me:   I am an avid traveller.  I love exploring new places with my husband and kids (ages 22, 20, and 15). I have been on deferred salary twice and both times have taken my kids out of school to backpack around Europe (a great education I must say !!). Our favorite country is Croatia. I have hiked part of the Camino with my daughter and hope to finish it someday. I love walking, yoga and searching for seaglass.

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