Training Opportunity – The Bridges Safety and Repair Approach

The Premier’s Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention and partner organizations are excited to bring you this training opportunity – The Bridges Safety and Repair Approach. It is being offered at no cost to attendees.

Tod Augusta Scott will deliver training on The Bridges Safety and Repair Approach to working with people who have been abusive towards their partner. This program works to reduce and repair harm caused by intimate partner violence.

Through this training, practitioners learn the Safety and Repair approach to working with gender-based violence. This approach is applicable in cases of domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault. The approach is focused on repairing harm, which may not include restoring on-going relationships.

Taking place at the Rodd Royalty (14 Capital Drive, Charlottetown).

March 7th at 9::00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. – For a wide range of service providers.
Practitioners learn how to establish safety with clients both physically and emotionally. Practitioners learn to create safety for clients by developing collaborative relationships, engaging in somatic work, and helping clients create their own pathways to repair.

March 8th at 9:00 a.m. – 3:30p.m. – For service providers who work directly with people who abuse their partners. Seating is limited.

Day two builds on day one. Participants will learn the second phase of the Bridges method: supporting individuals to be accountable for their actions and how to repair harm. This includes repairing harm with the people who hurt them and with people they hurt. Practitioners will learn how to help clients stop the harm. They will help prepare clients to engage in the four components of repairing harm. This preparation also includes teaching clients how to repair harm without creating further harm.

Participants in day two will receive three 90-minute virtual clinical consultations (virtual, group format) in the use of the Safety and Repair approach manual.

Click the link below to register:

Registration deadline is Tuesday, February 21st.