Employment Opportunity: Recruitment Ongoing

The Employee Assistance Services (EAS) at Health Canada offers an EAP that provides short-term solution-focused counselling services to the majority of federal government department employees and their eligible family members.

EAS is currently looking to recruit counsellors of various backgrounds and experiences. We are currently prioritizing recruitment of individuals who identify with and/or have significant experience with the BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ communities to continue to promote, improve, and support diversity and inclusion across the federal public service.

Our program requires that counsellors:

• Be a member “in good standing” of a recognized, mental health professional association which offers an accredited registration to its members

• Have a Master’s degree or equivalent in social science such as Social work, Psychology or Counselling

• Have a minimum of five (5) years of counselling experience

• Have an established private practice for the delivery of counselling services with a confidential voicemail system clearly indicating your name only

• Have minimum liability insurance $2,000,000 per claim

• Undergo a reference verification

• Provide proof of education as well as current copies of liability insurance and professional association membership

Interested individuals can send a copy of their CV via email to hc.eaprecruitment-paeembauche.sc@canada.ca .

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