PEI Counselling Association FAQs

1. Are all counsellors who wish to practice on PEI required to have a CCC in order to gain employment here?

No, not necessarily. Some positions require it while others do not. If you are a counsellor and hold no other certification (such as a social work or psychologist certification) and do intend to open up a private practice, you will need your CCC designation for insurance, EAP provider and third party billing purposes.

2. As a school counsellor am I required to be a member of the PEICA – School Counselling Chapter?

No you are not but we do recommend it. The School Counsellor Chapter provides opportunities to network with other school counsellors, share ideas/programs and resources.

3. What are the benefits of joining PEICA?

PEICA is actively working to help regulate the counselling profession in PEI, and the more members we have, the stronger our regulatory college can be. PEICA also offers networking opportunities with colleagues in the counselling field, discounts on some professional development opportunities, access to counselling resources, and an opportunity to take a leadership role within the organization.

4. Can counsellors maintain their membership with PEICA even if they are retired or employed in a non-counselling field?

Yes they can. There is a different fee structure for retired counsellors. See the membership tab for more information.

5. Does PEICA provide professional development opportunities to its membership?

Yes, we help to organize the annual Tri-PD conference alongside social workers and psychologists, and we provide information and financial incentives for members to attend PD.

6. What does the CCC designation represent?

The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association offers this designation. A significant number of our members also hold this designation. It stands for Canadian Certified Counsellor. For more information on CCC and the process involved for acquiring this designation, visit their website link here

7. Is the counselling profession on PEI provincially regulated?

The PEI Counselling Association has been actively seeking and lobbying the PEI Government to provincially regulate our profession for several years now. Much work has been done to lay the ground work necessary for establishing a college of counselling psychotherapists. The provincial government is currently developing umbrella legislation for all health related professions. Once it has passed, we can apply to be covered under this new legislation.

8. What networking opportunities exist for counsellors to interact with other colleagues in the counselling field?

We sometimes host social gathering mixers, professional development opportunities and periodic meetings of our membership, all of which provide excellent opportunities for colleagues to meet and interact. As a profession, we strive for connection and collaboration and this is reflected in our day to day interactions with one another.

9.  Do I need to know a counsellor’s name when searching for a private counsellor on the CCPA website or can I search by location alone?

No, you do not need to know a counsellor’s name. You can simply search by location on CCPA site and it will give you a list of counsellors in the that location.

10.  I would like more information on the various memberships, eg. CCPA, PEICA and School Counsellors Chapter and how they are linked.

Please click here for more membership information.


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